Testimonials from our campers

Mr. Harris,
Thank you for putting on the basketball camp this summer. It was my boys first time and they can’t stop talking about how much fun they had. For the small amount that I saw I was very impressed with you and all the coaches. I did not have an address to send these but Luke and Brady wanted me to get these thank you cards to you. Good luck in the future and thanks again.
– Jake Ridl

Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic camp. My kids had a great time and i know they learned some great things. Have a great year ahead and God Bless!
– Sincerely, Cameron Carstensen & Family

THANK YOU @joeharrisbball & @JoeHarris4 for an amazing basketball weekend! Also, thanks for teaching the kids about leadership and giving back, two CTL legends volunteering their time in this heat so kids can make memories that will last a lifetime! #legends

Looks awesome @JoeHarris4 ! Congratulations on what you and @joeharrisbball have built to teach and share the game!

Just wanted to say thank you to all of the coaches who ran the camp this weekend.  Really impressed with the organization, the energy, and the focus of the weekend.  Our 7 year old had a blast and is already asking me about coming back next summer — I love seeing him learn to love the game, and begin to understand the importance of being a great teammate first and foremost. We appreciate what you guys do!
– Brad Sherman Coupeville, WA

Thanks so much for everything you guys are doing. Joshua had fun yesterday!
– God bless, Joey & Brynn Fernandez

Thev had so much fun at Joe Harris Basketball Camp 2021! @joeharris_12 He’s slowly catching up in height ! Thank you Joe Harris and coaches for a great experience for our kids and our community! #joeybuckets #hometownhero #bballboy #goals

Another year down! Cannot thank the Harris family enough for putting on such an inspiring camp for our youth.

Joey Buckets Basketball Camp this weekend was on FIRE!

The look on the kids faces were priceless and the amount of coaches, friends and family who came out was humbling.

I learned a lot this weekend, not about basketball but about our youth and how they really need role models and coaches to look up to not only in sports but in real life.

I noticed alot of kids on the sidelines the first day not participating and it could have been due to lack of confidence or the fact that many kids have been home due to the pandemic so large interactions was not the norm anymore.

By the second day all the kids were encouraging one another and I noticed a huge change in their interactions and self-confidence after a little motivation.

Thank you Coach Harris and @joeharris__12 for giving me an experience I’ll always remember, it was the 7 Th year of camp and to see so many coaches, friends and family come from all over to help make the last 2 days extra special for all the kids was amazing