Lake Chelan Championship Coaching Clinic

The Details

The Lake Chelan Basketball Clinic is the Pacific Northwest’s most respected clinic for basketball coaching. A one day on the court instructional clinic for coaching at every level of the game. Sessions will include breakdowns of offense, defense, strength and conditioning and more. We meet the needs of new and experienced coaches by offering beginner, intermediate and advanced topics.

What to Expect

  • Practicality. We ask our speakers to deliver only real, useable strategies. We want every session to help you add something beneficial to your program.
  • A team building experience. Bring your whole coaching staff to the clinics. You’ll be amazed at what a dedicated, high-energy weekend away can do for camaraderie and big-picture planning.
  • Founded by Joe Harris in 1998, Lake Chelan Championship Coaching Clinic has made its name conducting a consistent and entertaining clinic for the last 20 + years. The Lake Chelan Championship Coaching Clinic team prides itself on delivering the best in coaching education for the best price in the industry.

Top-notch speakers.

2019 featured speakers:

  • Joe Harris: Brooklyn Nets
    Individual shooting, building your game form the ground up

Past speakers of the clinic include:

Leon Rice
Mike Neighbors
Mike Hopkins
George Pfeifer
Kelly Graves
Nate DuChesne
Kyle Smith 
Brad Jackson
Donald & Slick Watts
Wayne Tinkle
Ken Bone 
Joe Harris
Mike Burns 
Tia Jackson
Warren Friedrichs 
Clint Hull
Joe Callero 
Tyler Geving
Eric Hughes 
Cody Butler
Andy Hill
Seton Sobolewski
Joe Callero
John Rillie
Dr. Jerry Krause
Pat Fitterer
Cody Butler
Rex Nottage
Donnie Daniels
Grant Leep
Don Reiman
Greg Franz

The Lake Chelan Championship Coaches Clinic provides valuable insight and education to coaches and administrators of the game. Guest speakers focus on areas of expertise to present on basketball and leadership topics applied both on and off the court.



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