Joe Harris Basketball Camp Details and Registration

IMPORTANT: This Years Camp for 4th – 8th graders Only

Encourages fundamental basketball play with an emphasis on teamwork, attitude, and work ethic.

All skill levels are welcome, the Joe Harris Basketball Camp will help to improve participants’ fundamental skills, build teamwork, and inform them on the power of positive attitude, and being a great teammate.

Throughout the camp, participants will learn basketball fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development rooted in the concepts of Joe Harris Basketball culture. Participants will maintain a structured and safe player-to-coach ratio to ensure maximum instruction.

Open to children in grades 4-8th only

Mastering The Fundamentals Of Your Game

Learn fundamental movement and build overall motor skills. Group skill competitions. Introduction to team principles/concepts. Set up stations where they work on shooting fundamentals (jump shot, layups), dribbling skills, passing and catching, perimeter skills, post skills, rebounding, and defense.

Skills Covered Throughout The Camp

  • Individual Offense – Playing under control, moving without the ball, passing &receiving, Ball Handling- initial moves with the ball, routines that improve rhythm, feel, and coordination with the basketball.
  • Individual Defense – stance, movement, open court vs. dribble, defensive recovery Fundamental keys to effective close-outs.
  • Shooting Fundamentals – Proper footwork and balance, form shooting, developing game shots from game spots at game speeds using drills that ingrain good habits while competing in a fun way
  • Rebounding Skills – ball side and help side

Current professional basketball players, as well as high school and college coaches, take campers under their wing and help them improve their skills. Attendees warm up with drills, participate in fundamental breakdown drills and compete in friendly contests.



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